Bo Legs ATL

The Celebration of Life & Legacy for Marvin Arrington, Sr, will take place from Wednesday, July 26th to Saturday, July 29th.

God is so good he gave you 82 beautiful years. Your contributions to your hometown of Atlanta are unparalleled. Your career as a lawyer is what inspired me to become a lawyer. Your work as a legislator inspired me to become a legislator. I even got to produce an award winning documentary film on you, and you got to see it go around the world on @delta Airlines.

Thank you to everyone for all your words of consolences. Whike we are sad about our loss, we are happy about the life that he lived, the people that he touched, and the goals that he accomplished.

Thank you, Daddy, for EVERYTHING. We love you more. Job well done thy good and faithful servant. It is our turn now. We are so grateful for all the sacrifices you made for us.

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